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Lineage 2 Intrepid



Free to play / No Bot / No P2W / No P2CLAN

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Spoil/Seal Stones


Safe Enchant


Max Wapon Enchant


Max Armor/Jewels


Server Platform: L2OFF Official Files PTS

Interlude Update 3

Version: Interlude
- Server Timezone: (-3 GMT)
- Raid Points
- Skin System
- Champion Mobs
- Release Spirits Skills
- Shadow Epic Boss Jewelry
- Exclusive TvT
- Exclusive Event


Amazing buff NPC

22 + 4 slots (Learn with Divine Inspiration Books)
1 Hour Buff
NPC Buff
All Buffs without Summoners and Hotspring’s Buffs
Vip Buffs allow you to get Summoners and Hotspring’s Buffs
Summoners Buffs: 10 min
Vip System


- Jobs 20, 40 free and 76 level 50kk Adena
- Advanced Cancel: Buffs return after 10 secs
- Auto Learning Skills
- Offline Shop
- Mana Potion Restore 800mp with delay 10 secs
- Teleport free for all towns at GK Global
- Epic Bosses Chaotic Zones
- All Tyrannosaurus with 15% chance to Drop Top Lifestone 76

Armor & Weapons

Game Shop

C-Grade and B-Grade by Adenas
A-Grade and S-Grade by Craft

Armor and Weapons up to B-Grade
All Consumable are available in the Store
Available Merchant of Mammon and Blacksmith of Mammon in Town

Sub Class & Nobles

Nobless Quest Retail

Sub Class
You can get sub class from NPC: Class Master in Giran
You must obtain all of 4 Scepters and 150kk Adena
These Scepters Only drop for 75+ Level
Attention, the quest is not required!
Attention! You are not required to hit Raid Bosses, talk to the chest that appears after the death’s boss.
Scepters is not tradeable/sell, you can only delete.
The Scepter will appear in your quest inventory.
After you get Cabrio, the Infernium Scepters and 150kk Adena, you should return to the NPC Class Master
- Boss Sub Class Spawn
Level 80 with 12 hours (Random + - 15 Minutes)
Shillien’s Messenger Cabrio
Death Lord Hallate
Longhorn Golkonda

Quest Retail
Barakiel Spawn
Level 80 with 8 hours (Random + - 10 Minutes)|
Flame of Splendor Barakiel

Epic Bosses

All Epic’s Level 80+ and Chaotic Zones

Ant Queen (Respawn 24h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 30%
Core (Respawn 36h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 30%
Orfen (Respawn 36h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 30%
Zaken (Respawn 48h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 100%
Frintezza (Respawn 48h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 100%
Baium (Respawn 120h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 100%
Antharas (Respawn 168h Random + - 30 Minutes) Drop Chance 100%
Valakas (Respawn 240h Random 0 Minutes) Drop Chance 100%


Sub Class
Period: 2 Weeks
Start: July 19
Time: 16h to 22h
Days: Thusday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.